A Graduate Shops at a Homeschool Convention

Last weekend my brother and I and two friends went to our area’s annual homeschool convention. That might not seem unusual until you realize that three out of the four of us have graduated, and we went without our parents! So what do a bunch of alumni do at a homeschool conference? Pretty much the same thing as everyone else. We go to lectures and shop–we just don’t buy curriculum! If you’re looking for some new reads and want to support homeschool vendors, here’s what I purchased this year.

Homeschool Convention

My favorite convention vendor is Finding Christ Books. If you scroll through their website, you’ll find many books I’ve reviewed on this blog. Plus, they carry Counted Worthy! If you want some quality, Christian middle-grade through young adult fantasy and sci-fi (as well as some miscellaneous adult novels), this is 100% the place to go.

Other vendors I purchased from include NHERI, Demme Learning, Save U Money, and Mission: Imperative.

Brilliant: Made in the Image of God

From Mission: Imperative!


This coffee table book brings ancient civilizations to life with colorful picture spreads and stories of forgotten brilliance. While evolution tells us people have been growing steadily smarter, this book exposes evidence of great human intelligence since the beginning of time. For example, did you know that Neanderthals secured their spearheads with a superglue modern science struggles to duplicated? The vignettes in this book make me want to write stories about these ancient people.

Speaking the Truth in Love

From Demme Learning


One of my two favorite sessions of the conference was Steve Demme’s, Biblical Principles of Communication for the Family. He said this book was the expansion of the session, so I’m really looking forward to reading it!

Education: Does God Have an Opinion?



This book doesn’t appear to have made it onto the NHERI website store yet, but Dr. Brian Ray recommended it during several of his sessions. He pitched it as the first book to plow head into the question of what God says about education. I’m curious to see how the author builds his case.

Extending the Table: A World Community Cookbook

From Saving U Money

Extending the Table

I loooove trying new international food. Mom and I periodically have an international food date on Tuesday afternoons to foods like Korean Bibimbap or Jamaican Oxtails and Gravy. As a result, this book from a discount book vendor practically yelled my name! Can’t wait to try one of the recipes. (Chances are I’ll post a picture on Instagram, so watch for it!)

Another Day, Another Dali

From Finding Christ Books


Almost exactly a year ago, I posted a review of A Fool and His Monet, book one in the Serena Jones Mystery series. I’d just purchased it from the same vendor at last years conference. The quirky mystery following the exploits of an art crime detective was good enough to bring me back for more this year.


From Finding Christ Books

Exodus (Shadow of the Mountain) by Cliff Graham


My brother and I have a tradition about getting something for each other at the conference each year. In fact, two of the books above were from him. This was my purchase for him. He’s enjoyed Cliff Graham’s Lion of War series, so I figured he’d probably like to give this one a try too. Be warned, though. Everyone who has read books from this author tells me he writes warfare in intensely realistic detail. I haven’t given any of them a try yet.

Have you been to a homeschool convention this year? Are you planning to go to one? Tell me about it! What’s your favorite vendor? Favorite speaker? What books have you purchased or do you hope to purchase?


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