Recommended Reading


Holy Bible, KJV Version
Accurate source for HIStory, and the best guide to life. There’s a reason this book is the best seller of all time!

When God Writes Your Life Story
By Eric and Leslie Ludy

Ready to go on an adventure? This book will get you excited about your faith.

Do Hard Things
By Alex and Brett Harris

Challenges teens to do away with the low expectations of today’s culture. We can be more than conquerors through Christ who strengthens us.

Before You Meet Prince Charming
By Sarah Mally

A call to young women to live their single years for God and shine with radiant purity.

Will Our Generation Speak?
By Grace Mally

Does fear or uncertainty keep you from sharing your faith? You will find encouragement and advice in this book that will get you excited about sharing the Good News.

Shadow of the Almighty
By Elisabeth Elliot

The life and testament of Jim Elliot. You will be challenged by this book.

Secret Believers
by Brother Andrew

Read about Christians in Muslim countries and be inspired by their courage. A powerful book about the strength of love and the passionate faith of persecuted Christians.


Safely Home
By Randy Alcorn

(Young Adult–Adult)
While a Chinese Christian suffers for his faith, his American friend tries to ignore the God who is knocking. A powerful story.

For One Moment
By Christmas Carol Kauffman

Follows young Herbie from boyhood to soldiering in Hitler’s army and beyond. In the midst of confusion, God brings him to a place of desperation in order to give him hope.

The Scarlet Pimpernel
By Baroness Emmuska Orczy

A faced paced adventure taking place during the French Revolution combines a mysterious Englishman, a foppish nobleman, and a French born lady.

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch
By Jean Lee Latham
(All Ages)

A poor boy with a brilliant mind and big dreams, Nat’s life seems doomed when he is indentured. But by sailing on “Ash Breeze” for nine long years, Nat learns Latin, French and becomes a brilliant mathematician. The young man’s smarts and kindness soon make him a favorite among each ship’s crew he sails with.

Follow My Leader
By James B. Garfeild
(Middle Grade)

Jimmy loses his sight when a firecracker blows up in his face. Can a seeing eye-dog help him live a normal life? Can he forgive the boy whose foolishness made him blind?

Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince
By Sidney Baldwin
(Middle Grade)

A spoiled prince is whisked to the country side to live as a poor boy in the care of a peasant woman. Will poverty teach him honor?

By Hannah Mills
(Young Adult)
Valiant and Just. Victoria never guessed that the words on the inside of her ring mean that she is a princess. When she finds out, she’s not so sure she likes the idea. But since God seems to be calling her to rule, she and her twin brother follow.

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7 Replies to “Recommended Reading”

  1. Need to see some more updates. As they say in the book you recommend, “Carry on Mr. Bowditch!” (Carry on Miss Leah :))

  2. Safely home, by Randy Alcorn looks like a good book. Is it a narrative, or biography?
    Also, ‘When God writes your love story’ is an incredible book that is a must read! Especially for high school and college age

    1. Safely Home is awesome. And it’s fiction, so narrative.

      And, yes, I’ve read “When God Writes Your Love Story” as well. It’s a good book too, though Jonathan enjoyed it more than I did. My favorite “love” book from them is When Dreams Come True.

  3. I read Counted Worthy, and it inspired me to read Do Hard Things. Counted Worthy is an amazing book. So is Do Hard Things. I am so glad I read them! I also have read Before You Meet Prince Charming. Such good books!

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