Mystery Series

Mandie and the Secret TunnelMandie Mysteries: After her father’s death, Mandie Shaw is left an orphan. Her unloving stepmother farms her out to a neighbor. As Mandie struggles with grief, she relies on the friendship of Joe, her Cherokee guardian Uncle Ned, and her kitten Snowball. When her situation become unbearable, Mandie flees and goes in search of her long-lost extended family and stumbles across a mystery. It is the first of many. These books are perfect for the shelf of any Christian girl. Amazon recommends these books for readers age 8 and up. There are 40 books in the series.

(NOTE: There is also a companion series for younger readers called “Young Mandie Mystery Series.” There are 8 books in the series.)

The Swamp RobberThe Sugar Creek Gang: The Sugar Creek Gang series is for boys what the Mandie Mysteries are for girls; good, clean, God-honoring fun. With a band of boys like the Sugar Creek Gang, adventures are bound to happen. Join Bill Collins, Dragonfly, and their friends as they solve mysteries and grow in faith. Amazon recommends these books for readers age 8 and up. There are 36 books in the series.

Concord CunninghamConcord Cunningham the Scripture Sleuth: Join Concord Cunningham, a boy who loves the Bible and uses it to solve mysteries. My aunt gave me two or three of these books when I was younger. Each book has several short stories in it and a little devotional after each story. You were supposed to read one a day, but I could never restrain myself to just one. Amazon recommends these books for readers age 8 and up. There are 5 Concord Cunningham books.

The Secret of the MansionTrixie Beldon: This is my favorite mystery series. I still go back and re-read my favorites from time to time. Usually on rainy days or when I’m sick. The adventure begins when new neighbors move into the big house next to the Beldons. When Trixie and her new friend find a boy at the ramshackle mansion on the other side of the Beldon’s they also discover a mystery. Amazon recommends these books for readers age 8 and up. There are 39 books in the series.

The Boxcar ChildrenThe Boxcar Children: This is one of the most popular series of children’s mysteries on the market. Even neater for most of my readers, Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny are homeschooled after they go to live with their grandfather. Wherever they go, this foursome seems to find or attract puzzling situations. Thankfully, they’re pretty good at solving mysteries. Amazon recommends these books for readers age 7 and up. There are 127 books in this series.

Theodore BooneTheodore Boone: This series follows the adventures of Theodore Boone, the twelve year old son of two layers. He’s determined to be a defense attorney or great judge when he grows up. He’s starting small by advising his classmates about their legal issues. Along the way, he manages to get caught up in the affairs of adults too. I enjoyed all three of these books, book three (Theodore Boone: The Accused) being my favorite. However, I do recommend parental discretion for some mild thematic material, especially in book two. The fourth book in this series is scheduled for publication in May 2013. Amazon recommends these books for readers age 8 and up. I would recommend them for readers age 10 and up.

The Secret of the Old ClockNancy Drew: The name Nancy Drew has become almost synonymous with mystery. Join this teenage detective as she puts her skills to the tests and solves the many mysteries that come her way. I put this series in orange because Nancy does acquire a boyfriend at some point. Dating is not the central focus of the later books, but that aspect is there. Amazon recommends these books for readers age 8 and up. I remember reading the first book and being a little creeped out by it when I was little, so I’d recommend them for readers age 10 or 11 and up. There are 175 books in this series.

Too Many SecretsJennie McGrady Mysteries: This young adult series features a teenage girl with a penchant for diving headfirst into dangerous situations. Jennie’s father is said to have died in an airplane crash, but she doesn’t believe it. Figuring out what happened to him is her biggest mystery of all. This series is in red because of an emphasis on dating relationships.


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  1. Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew! *wipes tear* I read like, every single one of those books when I was younger. My best friend and I actually dressed up as Nancy and Trixie respectively. There were many crossover adventures. XP

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