How to Get Amazon’s Audible Books at a Discount

Do you enjoy audiobooks? I treasure them as the best way to make mundane activities enjoyable. Whether cleaning the house or spending hours on the road during a family vacation, audio stories bring a whole different world into your own. The only drawback is the cost!


If you enjoy audiobooks, you’ve probably heard of Amazon’s Audible subscription. Pay $15/month and you’ll get 1 audiobook/month. Since most audiobooks cost $20-$40 normally, the subscription can definitely be worth it. But if $15/month is more than you’re ready to commit to–the position I’m in–this post is for you.

I’ve recently discovered a way to get audiobooks from audible without paying the listed $20-$40. It’s been perfect for an occasional splurge, and it’s super simple.

Kindle Book + Amazon Audible

Next time you go to purchase an e-book for your kindle, look for a little check box that offers to add the audible book to your purchase. One time when I was buying an e-book, I realized that it only cost $2 extra to add the Amazon audible book. Surprised, I went to the Audible website to check the regular price. It was somewhere around $20.

For some reason, audiobooks are often severely discounted if you purchase them along with an e-book. For example, I’ve been listening to The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers lately. If I purchased the audiobooks directly off Audible, each book would cost around $40. Instead, I go to the Kindle store and purchase the $10 e-book and added the audible book for an additional $4. I’ll take a total of $14 over a total of $40 any day!

Make the Most of Time

Life gets busy for all of us. Sometimes there isn’t enough time to curl up and read a book, but there’s often opportunity to turn on an audiobook during the drive to work or while folding laundry. Since I’ve been enjoying my audible book this week, I thought I’d share my discovery with you. 🙂

I hope you find this little tip helpful!


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