Book Review: Runaway (Starlight Animal Rescue)

Wherever we’re going, I won’t be staying. That much I can promise.

Dakota doesn’t have any intention of loving or staying with her new foster family. She has runaway from all her previous foster homes and this one shouldn’t be any different. Then she meets Blackfire. Can the Coolidge family and the animals they rescue win Dakota’s heart?

I first read this book several years ago and loved it right away. My heart went out to Dakota. You can’t help but root for her. Definitely recommend this book. Good, wholesome (and fun!) reading.

Author: Dandi Daley Mackall
Audience: 9 and up
Genre: Contemporary Young Adult
Pages: 224
Publisher: Tyndale

Come back on Wednesday for an interview with author Dandi Daley Mackall.

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