A Graduate Shops at a Homeschool Convention

Last weekend my brother and I and two friends went to our area’s annual homeschool convention. That might not seem unusual until you realize that three out of the four of us have graduated, and we went without our parents! So what do a bunch of alumni do at a homeschool conference? Pretty much the same thing as everyone else. We go to lectures and shop–we just don’t buy curriculum! If you’re looking for some new reads and want to support homeschool vendors, here’s what I purchased this year.

Homeschool Convention


Christmas Shopping for Bookworms

Have a hard time knowing if you should give books for Christmas or not? I’m always worried that a friend will already have the book I choose for them. It usually works out, though! There are so many books out there that, unless you choose something like The Lord of the Rings, it’s usually safe enough. Here are a few tips for buying gifts the bookworms in your life will love!



For Sale: Great Books

Leah's Bookshelf StoreHi there! In case you didn’t notice, Leah’s Bookshelf has a new feature. A store! (See the main menu between “My Books” and “About Leah”.) Especially with Christmas fast approaching, I thought it might be helpful to put some great books together in one place for interested buyers. Enter Leah’s Bookshelf Store. I found this neat opportunity on Amazon called Amazon Associates. Joining the program allowed me to make this store using books listed on Amazon. And (cool for me) I get a percentage of the sale price for whatever you guys buy on the store. Most of the books listed are ones I’ve reviewed here. The rest are personal favorites I haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet. Go check it out!

What do you think of the store? Are there any books I need to add?