Christmas Shopping for Bookworms

Have a hard time knowing if you should give books for Christmas or not? I’m always worried that a friend will already have the book I choose for them. It usually works out, though! There are so many books out there that, unless you choose something like The Lord of the Rings, it’s usually safe enough. Here are a few tips for buying gifts the bookworms in your life will love!


Get a Signed Copy

Everyone loves a signed copy of their favorite book. This might be challenging to get last minute, but sometimes an email to the author in question does miracles. You might not have much luck if you try for J.K. Rowling or Suzanne Collins but many authors are happy to hear from readers and respond to emails quickly.

Box Sets

If a friend of yours has a series they love, they would probably treasure a pretty boxed set of those books. Many readers buy books piecemeal, and there is something special about having a whole series of books that matches. Hardcover books or fancy cover art is an added bonus.


If you frequent used book sales and places like Half-Priced Books, you might be able to find gorgeous old copies of classic books. If your friend has a special love for Pride & Prejudice or A Christmas Carol, you could make their day with an antique copy of their classic favorite.

Book Themed Baskets

Pick a book and build a basket around it. For example, if you wanted to make a Counted Worthy themed basket ( 😉 ) you might include; a copy of Counted Worthy, a devotional Bible, highlighter crayons, a scripture bookmark (you could hand letter one using a verse from the book), a bicycle necklace, a candle (since they don’t have electric lights at night), etc.

If a character in a story has a favorite meal that’s mentioned, you could put together a meal basket with book at it’s center. The book has a unique setting? Get a calendar, note cards, and a journal themed around that location. This idea is as varied as the books available to choose from!

Fandom Gear

If you’re still worried about gifting an actual book, there are tons of book themed gifts available. I love browsing Amazon and Etsy for the perfect fandom gifts for my friends. In previous years I’ve gifted Peter Pan earrings, a Mockingjay necklace (extra fun since it was actually a swallow necklace that I found in my great-grandmother’s basement after she moved, but it looked like the Mockingjay emblem), and an Alice in Wonderland journal.

Get creative and surprise your friends!

Shop Indie

If you want to introduce your friends to new stories, consider shopping independently published books. Indie books aren’t as widely known as traditionally published books, so they’re a great option for gifting. I especially recommend introducing friends to The Ilyon Chronicles, The Blades of Acktar, and the Firmament Series.

What bookish Christmas shopping tips do you have? What is one of the best book related presents you’ve received?


3 Replies to “Christmas Shopping for Bookworms”

  1. Another trick not mentioned here is cyberstalking said friends. If the friend has a goodreads account, you can find out what books they’ve already read, and then get them something you know they haven’t read. (Just be careful with the “to read” list since they might have already purchased the books there.)

  2. I love this, Leah! I’m a totally book worm myself, so this was super fun to read! 😉

    It would technically be from a movie not a book, but one of my favorite fangirl presents is the Lord of the Rings necklace my brother gave me last year. I just bought one for my friend, for her birthday. 😉

    You’ve got great ideas here!

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