Visit the Grave (an Easter poem)

The story of Mary Magdalene visiting the tomb of Jesus early on the morning of His resurrection has always intrigued me. Of all the people involved in the discovery of his empty tomb and victory over death, Mary Magdalene stands out. Jesus had impacted her life in such a huge way, casting seven devils out of her (Mark 16:9). He had given her hope. How she must have grieved his death. She must have questioned everything, searching for something to cling to. And yet something drew her back to his grave. She couldn’t even wait till dawn. She went to the tomb while it was still dark (John 20:1) and was the very first person Jesus revealed himself to. I wrote this poem about her several months ago but saved it to share now. I figure you all will have more time to read it today, though, so hear you are. 😉 And while you’re at it, you might want to read Dawn for My Soul, last year’s Easter poem (also written from Mary Magdalene’s perspective).


How can I ever sleep again?
My hope, my light, my Lord is dead.
My cheeks are wet, my words unsaid,
I cannot stay upon this bed.

Oh how I miss Him, gone three days,
Without Him life is but a haze.
My purpose buried in His grave,
His presence now is all I crave.

The darkness heavy on this morn,
It matches well my soul forlorn.
While others sleep I slip away,
My vigil keeping where He lays.

My soul, oh, must you break again?
My journey to his grave in vain.
The stone rolled back, my Savior gone.
They took Him by the break of dawn.

The others come and see this thing,
We mourn together our lost King.
The others leave, but still I stay,
I look into his burial cave.

The empty grave now fills with light,
Two angels stand before my sight.
They ask me why I shed these tears,
I tell them He’s no longer here.

And then the gardener speaks my name
My heart will never be the same.
My ears can hear, my heart now knows,
That Jesus vanquished all his foes!

My hope, my light, my Lord is back,
My heart no more shall ever lack.
My Christ arose, and so shall I,
Be ever with Him in the sky.

(Copyright 2014 by Leah E. Good)

Let Us Follow

walking-together_2767369In this lukewarm world below,
In Thy footsteps steadfast go.
Give us grace to know Thy will.
Of Thy peace to drink our fill.

Give us minds that seek to know,
How You lead to fight the foe.
Steadfast walking on the path,
Drawing others from the wrath.

Fill our weakness with Thy might,
Never tire from the fight.
Chase the shadows with Thy light.
Keep us on the way that’s right.

(Copyright 2013 by Leah E. Good)

I Know… (Two Poems)

My dad got saved while he was in the Coast Guard. The other day he rediscovered some poems he wrote during that time period. Two of them were similar. The first one, “I Know That I’m a Sailor” was written prior to his becoming a Christian. After he got saved, he modified it to reflect his new faith. I hope you enjoy both versions.

AnchorI Know That I’m A Sailor
As I walk along the sandy shore
Waves crash beneath my feet
Pounding down the ocean floor
I know that I’m a sailor

The spray of misty ocean air
Salt lands upon my lips
Twirling winds whistle through my hair
I know that I’m a sailor

To sail along on foaming waves
It draws me to my ship
I’ll be at sea for many days
I know that I’m a sailor

I wake up early while at sea
Hot coffee on the bow
Now that’s the life I want for me
I know that I’m a sailor

The sea has been my best friend
It gives me peace of mind
And when my time comes to end
They’ll know I was a sailor

(copyright Ken Good 1986)

I Know that I’m a Christian
As I walk with Jesus by the shore
His light does guide my feet
To open up another door
I know that I’m a Christian

The Word of God is in the air
Tis salt upon my lips
To have an answer for to share
I know that I’m a Christian

This Word of God it truly saves
It draws me to my Lord
To spread His Word for many days
I know that I’m a Christian

To wake up early unto thee
With bible open now
Now that’s the life I want for me
I know that I’m a Christian

The Lord has been my best friend
He gives me peace of mind
And when my time comes to end
They’ll know I was a Christian

(copyright Ken Good 1989)

Silenced Voices

Unborn BabyTiny footprints travel time,
Leaving spattered blood a sign,
Of potential crushed before,
Little feet could touch the floor.

Little ears will never hear,
Parents tell them they are dear.
People swallow all the lies.
Say these babies aren’t alive.

Tiny hands can touch the heart,
Asking people do their part,
Begging that the war be fought,
Truth of human life be taught.

Little eyes will never see,
For the world won’t pay the fee,
Sacrifice themselves for these,
Little ones who have a need.

Little lives have been snuffed out,
Silenced voices raise the shout,
Asking no more lives be torn,
Let these little lives be born.

(Copyright 2013 by Leah E. Good)

Poem: This Generation

Girl SilhouttePeople desperate to fit in
Fill the emptiness within
Gain approval from their friends
Be on top of all the trends

Staying busy to block out
Fear, depression, nagging doubt
Fill their lives with things that can’t
True fulfillment ever grant

Generation starved for love
Never looks for it above
Give their hearts away in bits
Find themselves in deeper pits

Search for joy in darkest ways
Hiding from the hopeful rays
Sinking deeper every day
Farther from Thy hope astray

Give them longing for the light
In their lives please show Thy might
Give their blinded eyes new sight
Fill them with Thy love of right

(Copyright Leah E. Good, 2013)

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Dawn for My Soul

LilyLord, I know You’re dead and buried,
For I saw You wrapped and carried.
Of these tears I’m growing wearied,
But my hope with You was buried.

So on this morn I make my way,
My final homage now to pay,
And find the stone now rolled away,
The body there no longer lays.

And then I see a ray of light,
A man in garments radiant, bright.
He tells me death has turned to life,
And brings the dawn to soul’s dark night.

The tears again flow down my face,
They’re streaming as I homeward race.
The tears of joy for endless grace,
The goodness of my God I taste.

My Savior lives, so join in song,
For death is weak and God is strong.
All pow’r and praise to Him belong,
His vict’ry is the angels’ song.

(Copyright 2013 by Leah E. Good)

Poem: His Hands And Feet

He’s a father, a father
To many sons and daughters.
To those who live in loneliness,
To those that wander in distress.

He sees the child by the road
Hungry, dying all alone;
Bids you take that child’s load,
Bids you quiet every groan.

For these souls he gave his life,
Rescued them from endless strife.
Jesus bids us come and see,
Asks us now to set them free.

You have felt his heav’nly love.
You will dwell with him above.
Here below, his hands and feet,
To go to every town and street.

If we do not help them now,
Who will bend to wipe their brow?
If God’s people do not care,
Who will then salvation share?

We who see can’t walk away.
God within us bids us stay.
Asks us now to wash each wound,
And tell of One who’s coming soon.

(Copyright 2012 by Leah E. Good)

Poem: When I Don’t Understand

Lord, in the times I don’t understand,
Even then let me trust what You’ve planned.
You name the stars and count grains of sand.
You are the one holding my hand.

You are the one who suffered for me.
It is to you that I bow the knee.
Humbly I stand at Calvary’s tree.
Open my eyes, Lord, help me to see.

Only You can turn darkness to light.
Only Jesus can give blind men sight.
Only You can turn weakness to might.
Only you, Lord, can turn wrongs to right.

In this life I might not understand.
You are the rock upon which I stand.
This, Lord, my life, I place in your hand,
Trusting always in your perfect plan.

(Copyright Leah Good 2012)