This Is Christ

These are tears you were never meant to shed,
This is anger you were never meant to sow,
This is darkness you were never meant to dread,
This is pain you were never meant to know.

This is Satan warring with his minions,
This is sin that causes men to groan,
These are powers fighting for dominion,
This is evil battling for the throne.

This is Jesus who left His throne of glory,
This is the One who came to conquer sin,
This is He who died a death most gory,
This is Christ the triumph now to win.

This is blood that was shed for you and me,
This is death that sets the prisoner free,
This is the Lord who won the victory,
This is the battle, won on Calvary’s tree.


Beautiful Pearl

She’s lying in her cradle,
Waiting for someone to care,
Needing someone to notice,
That she has a life to share.

Few know she’s born and waiting.
Few stop to open their eyes.
Who now will stop and listen?
Who now will care that she cries?

The God who sees the sparrows,
He calls His children to war,
Gives us His love and power
To fight for the weak and poor.

Who will take up the war cry?
To rescue a precious girl.
To live out pure religion,
And love a beautiful pearl.
Please consider helping the Garner family as they adopt a beautiful little girl from Eastern Europe. Paisley has Spina Bifida and needs surgery in the U.S. as soon as possible.
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Jesus Died For Me

Jesus died for me
Up on Calvary,
Jesus died for me
Won’t you come and see.

Do you see him there?
Bruised beyond despair,
Thorn crown on his brow,
Whose face is that now?

They did spear his side,
Blood that we may hide,
From the wrath of God,
And His mighty rod.

Spikes did pierce his flesh,
Though He was sinless,
Twas love he gave us,
Dying on the cross.

Jesus died for you,
On the cross it’s true.
Jesus died for you,
Can’t you see the view.

Don’t be fooled by sin,
Just look up at him,
And wait not to long,
Come sing a new song (of Him)

(Copyright 1990 by Kenneth J. Good)

Changing Seasons

I raise my head and sniff the air,
There’s something different lurking there;
A smell that speaks of coming change,
The smell of something God arranged.

The tingling cold of coming snow,
The earthy scent of things that grow,
The warmth of sunshine, skies of blue,
The smell that comes with brilliant hues.

Creation greets with willing heart,
The changes that each season starts;
Never doubting Him who made them,
To be faithful to sustain them.

My God who made the sea and land,
Will gently guide me by His hand.
Though waves of change may crash and roar,
Upon the eagle’s wings I’ll soar.

(copyright 2012 by Leah E. Good)


Ye are a chosen people,
Walk by faith and not by sight;
Ye are an holy nation,
Go forth with a shining light.

A chosen generation,
Your hearts on high He raises;
Ye, God’s peculiar people,
To show forth all His praises.

He who called you from darkness,
Into His marvelous light;
He who deserves all worship,
The way of the truth and life.

Based on 1 Peter 2:9

(Copyright by Leah E. Good 2012)

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His Creation

When nothing was
There God didst dwell,
At dawn of time
His voice to swell.

Eternal God
In ages past,
Made earth at first
And man at last.

With labor done
His work surveyed,
Said, “It is good,”
And rested.

Based on Genesis 1

(Copyright 2012 by Leah E. Good)

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Spring Forth

I love the blooming flowers and budding trees that are a sign of spring. This past week I came across a Bible verse that is both beautiful and fitting for this time of year.

Isaiah 61:11
For as the earth bringeth forth her bud, and as the garden causeth the things that are sown in it to spring forth; so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.

The Coming Day

A thousand years is as a day,
And a day as a thousand years.
The Lord continues in his way,
There is no cause to fear.

About His promise, He’s not slack,
But rather wills that none should lack.
His hand of grace remains outstretched,
To every sinful, loveless wretch.

Look for the coming day of God,
He comes as a thief in the night.
Heaven and earth shall be dissolved,
But we shall ever dwell in light.

(based on 2 Peter 3:8-13)

Copyright 2012 by Leah E. Good