Jesus Died For Me

Jesus died for me
Up on Calvary,
Jesus died for me
Won’t you come and see.

Do you see him there?
Bruised beyond despair,
Thorn crown on his brow,
Whose face is that now?

They did spear his side,
Blood that we may hide,
From the wrath of God,
And His mighty rod.

Spikes did pierce his flesh,
Though He was sinless,
Twas love he gave us,
Dying on the cross.

Jesus died for you,
On the cross it’s true.
Jesus died for you,
Can’t you see the view.

Don’t be fooled by sin,
Just look up at him,
And wait not to long,
Come sing a new song (of Him)

(Copyright 1990 by Kenneth J. Good)


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