Book Review: A Dog’s Way Home

“Tam!” I said, cutting her off. Panic turned my insides to ice. “Where’s Tam?”

Abbie and her Shetland Sheepdog, Tam, are best friends. They are on their way home from an agility event when Tam is thrown from the back of their truck. By the time Abby returns to look for him, Tam is gone. As months go by, Abby’s family moves and Tam continues his search for “his girl”. Will they every be reunited?

This is a wonderful story told in the tradition of Lassie, Come Home. A librarian friend of mine saved it for me, thinking I might enjoy it. She was right! If you like dogs this book is definitely for you.

Author: Bobbie Pyron
Audience: 9 and up
Genre: Contemporary Animal Fiction
Pages: 321
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Join me on Wednesday for an interview with author Bobbie Pyron.

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4 Replies to “Book Review: A Dog’s Way Home”

  1. Oh, I bet Natalie would love that book, Leah. She always likes animal books–especially those about dogs & dolphins. 🙂

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