Changing Seasons

I raise my head and sniff the air,
There’s something different lurking there;
A smell that speaks of coming change,
The smell of something God arranged.

The tingling cold of coming snow,
The earthy scent of things that grow,
The warmth of sunshine, skies of blue,
The smell that comes with brilliant hues.

Creation greets with willing heart,
The changes that each season starts;
Never doubting Him who made them,
To be faithful to sustain them.

My God who made the sea and land,
Will gently guide me by His hand.
Though waves of change may crash and roar,
Upon the eagle’s wings I’ll soar.

(copyright 2012 by Leah E. Good)


3 Replies to “Changing Seasons”

  1. Thank you for the vision of what God has created. Yes He will guide through all
    the changes in our lives.

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