Poem: This Generation

Girl SilhouttePeople desperate to fit in
Fill the emptiness within
Gain approval from their friends
Be on top of all the trends

Staying busy to block out
Fear, depression, nagging doubt
Fill their lives with things that can’t
True fulfillment ever grant

Generation starved for love
Never looks for it above
Give their hearts away in bits
Find themselves in deeper pits

Search for joy in darkest ways
Hiding from the hopeful rays
Sinking deeper every day
Farther from Thy hope astray

Give them longing for the light
In their lives please show Thy might
Give their blinded eyes new sight
Fill them with Thy love of right

(Copyright Leah E. Good, 2013)

The winner of the Moccasin Trail giveaway is lesmiserables1. I will be emailing you for your mailing address. Congratulations. And thank you to everyone for your wonderful theme suggestions. Keep them coming!


3 Replies to “Poem: This Generation”

  1. Your poem is beautiful and achingly heart-rending at the same time. Well done, Leah. ^_^

    As to themes…I thought of these ones below whilst I was elbow-deep in cleaning kitchen shelves. *hopes they will be helpful*

    1. World War II.
    2. American writers such as Louisa May Alcott, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Harper Lee, etc.
    3. Missionaries, i.e. Elisabeth Elliot, Eric Liddell, Amy Carmichael…
    4. The Civil War.
    5. A particular genre.

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