Dawn for My Soul

LilyLord, I know You’re dead and buried,
For I saw You wrapped and carried.
Of these tears I’m growing wearied,
But my hope with You was buried.

So on this morn I make my way,
My final homage now to pay,
And find the stone now rolled away,
The body there no longer lays.

And then I see a ray of light,
A man in garments radiant, bright.
He tells me death has turned to life,
And brings the dawn to soul’s dark night.

The tears again flow down my face,
They’re streaming as I homeward race.
The tears of joy for endless grace,
The goodness of my God I taste.

My Savior lives, so join in song,
For death is weak and God is strong.
All pow’r and praise to Him belong,
His vict’ry is the angels’ song.

(Copyright 2013 by Leah E. Good)


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