Book Review: In the Reign of Terror

In the Reign of Terror Today’s book review comes complements of my wonderful brother. After a few of you indicated that you would like to see a review of In the Reign of Terror, I asked him if he would re-read the book and do a review for me. And he graciously agreed. I hope you enjoy it!

Organized massacre, I fear, Victor. What seemed incredible, impossible, is going to take place; there is to be a massacre of the prisoners.

Harry Sandwith is an average boy, the son of an English doctor. When he is offered a position as the companion of a French count’s son, he accepts despite the undertones of revolution rumbling in France. His new job is to provide the young man with an understanding of the English ways of government and liberty. At first the count’s family has little respect for him, but after he saves the count’s three daughters and their nurse, and becomes like a brother to the young count, Ernest. When the revolution erupts, Harry finds himself losing those he has come to care for and running for his life.

As an avid G.A. Henty fan, I rarely come across a Henty that I dislike. In the Reign of Terror was no exception. It combines an excellent historical resource with a tale of adventure and courage.

Author: G.A. Henty
Audience: Young Adult
Genre: Classic Adventure
Pages: 238

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