Poem: His Hands And Feet

He’s a father, a father
To many sons and daughters.
To those who live in loneliness,
To those that wander in distress.

He sees the child by the road
Hungry, dying all alone;
Bids you take that child’s load,
Bids you quiet every groan.

For these souls he gave his life,
Rescued them from endless strife.
Jesus bids us come and see,
Asks us now to set them free.

You have felt his heav’nly love.
You will dwell with him above.
Here below, his hands and feet,
To go to every town and street.

If we do not help them now,
Who will bend to wipe their brow?
If God’s people do not care,
Who will then salvation share?

We who see can’t walk away.
God within us bids us stay.
Asks us now to wash each wound,
And tell of One who’s coming soon.

(Copyright 2012 by Leah E. Good)


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