Book Review: The Other Side of Truth

Sade’s father is a bold journalist speaking against the corrupt Nigerian government. There are many people who want him silenced. After their mother is murdered, Sade and her brother, Femi, are smuggling to Britain. Nothing goes as planned. Sade finds herself struggling to find the right path in a new country. Will she ever see Papa again?

This book was dedicated to young people who want to know more, and it’s a good story for doing just that. The dangers of standing up for the truth and the cost some people pay for doing so is eye opening. Well worth reading.

Author: Beverly Naidoo
Audience: Tweens–Young Adults
Genre: Multicultural Fiction
Pages: 272
Publisher: Amistad Publisher

Have you read any stories about refugees? If so, share the titles in the comments section below.

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2 Replies to “Book Review: The Other Side of Truth”

  1. Recently I read a book titled Weeping Under This Same Moon. Two stories of a Vietnamese refugee girl and an American girl’s new found hope. Very good!

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