Book Review: Hope Runs

Hope RunsClaire is a young American girl trying to find her place and purpose in the world. As she and a friend travel around the globe, they spend a night in a guest house attached to a Kenyan orphanage. As Claire asks God to show her what she’s supposed to learn from this place, she finds herself putting down roots and forming relationships with the children in the orphanage. One boy in particular catches her attention and, in time, her heart. Sammy lost his father to death and his mother to abandonment. He is one of the “lucky ones” because he was invited to a very good orphanage. Both Claire and Sammy find themselves on a journey of discovery and learning curves as they absorb one another’s cultures and find their way through life.

I noticed this book on the “New Arrivals” table at my library a few months ago and decided to grab it (it’s a book about an orphan published by a Christian company after all). Hope Runs isn’t a how-to on relief work, missions trips, or anything like that. It’s a personal story. A glimpse into two people’s lives. If you liked Kisses from Katie, you’ll probably enjoy this one too, even though there’s much less emphasis on the spiritual side of the experience. I personally enjoyed reading it. It was a nice break from the more serious orphan care books I often read.


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  1. I was more excited about seeing a new post on your blog, Leah, than any other blog on my list! I absolutely loved “Kisses from Katie” so I would probably like this one too! Another book to look into! I’m getting quite a list!

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