Book Review & Bonus Content: No Chance Meeting

No Chance Meeting

Summary of No Chance Meeting

Alex has been a different person since she lost her brother to the war in Afghanistan. Somewhere along the way, her relationship with God grew cold, and she can’t find anything that makes life worth living. The weariness almost causes her to do the unthinkable, but God has other plans.

Just before Alex follows through with a plan to end her life, she meets Riley Conrad. He seems to sense something is wrong, and his invitation to breakfast saves her life. When he turns out to be a Christian, and his interest in her continues, Alex wonders if there is a way out of the fog she’s been living in.

My Thoughts on No Chance Meeting

When Jaye announced that she was veering away from the Ilyon Chronicles (temporarily) to release a contemporary book under a different pen name, I was skeptical. In fact, I almost passed on the book entirely. I’m glad I decided to give it a chance.

No Chance Meeting is refreshingly pure, even when compared to other Christian books, and lacks many of the tropes typical of its genre. I should have expected no less from Jaye!

No Chance Meeting QuoteWhen I first started reading, I feared the story wouldn’t hold my attention. However, Alex and Riley soon grew to be familiar and lovable, and before I long, I found the pages passing quickly.

This is a relaxing read about recovering faith, valuing life, and learning to cherish family. If you’re an adrenaline junkie when it comes to fiction, this might not be the book for you. However, if you are in the mood to curl up with a cup of tea and make a few new friends within the pages of a book, you’ll definitely enjoy No Chance Meeting.

Romantic content is limited to several kisses and some PG teasing.

Bonus Content from No Chance Meeting

As part of the book launch blog tour, Jaye has shared the following bonus content from the book!

In one scene in No Chance Meeting, Alex tells Mindy that she put chicken in the oven for chicken salad sandwiches. I have always loved chicken salad sandwiches. Below you will find my family’s favorite recipe. ~Jaye Elliot

Chicken Salad Sandwiches

2 ½ cups cubed cooked chicken breast

2/3 cup of dried cherries or fresh chopped grapes

1/3 cup chopped celery

1/3 cup chopped apple

1/3 cup chopped pecans, toasted

½ cup mayonnaise

4 teaspoons buttermilk

½ teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon pepper

Roast pecans in a 350 degree oven for a couple of minutes, watching carefully. In a large bowl, combine chicken, cherries/grapes, celery, apple, and pecans. In another bowl, combine the mayonnaise, buttermilk, salt, and pepper. Add to chicken mixture and mix well. Serve on your favorite rolls or croissants.

What would you say to someone questioning their reason for being alive? What do you value about your parents and siblings? Do you have a favorite family recipe?


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