Washing Feet In the Midst of Coronavirus Panic

Washing Feet Coronavirus

Wash hands first, then wash feet.

I saw this quote on Instagram several days ago. I can’t find the source now to credit the person who wrote it, but those simple words helped alter how I am thinking about Coronavirus and how it is impacting the world.

Historically, Christians have been at the forefront of helping in the face of calamity. I don’t want that heritage to stop with my generation. Maybe this is our opportunity to carry on the legacy left to us.

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Book Review: Walk in Grace Journal

Do you want to spend time studying God’s word but either don’t know how or have trouble staying focused? I hear two frequent struggles from young Christian women in my peer group.

  1. “I want to go deeper than just reading the Bible, but I’m not sure how.”
  2. “I struggle to make time for studying my Bible and when I do sit down, I can’t focus.”

If you resonate with either of these statements, or just want a fun new resource, let me introduce you to a tool that might help.

Walk in Grace

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Glow Stick Gospel Project

Hello everyone! I’m still planning more Blades of Acktar posts, but I’ve been busy with a few other projects this week. My brother and I have a tradition of handing out Bible tracts before 4th of July fireworks each year. This year we discussed getting a little more creative with our firework evangelism and this is what we came up with!



Here’s the website to go along with the postcard track shown above.

If you like the idea, feel free to print copies of the tract for your own use. (And let me know if you find any typos!)

Witnessing on the 4th

Happy Independence Day, everyone! In place of our normal Friday book review, I wanted to share this video with you. Grace Mally is a young lady with a real heart for evangelism. Through her encouragement, my brother, friends, and I have been challenged to stretch ourselves by handing out the Price of Liberty tracts before fireworks the past few years. It’s definitely a little scary, but often favorite memories are made when we step outside our comfort zones. I encourage you to give it a try!

Our normal Friday book review will be posted on Monday. If you can’t wait till then for a book review, check out this review of Grace Mally’s book.

Will Our Generation Speak

Are we as Christians truly being the bright lights, the strong voices of truth, that we should be? The solution for this world’s confusion is not to fix all the surface problems, however devastating and shocking they may be. Neither is the answer found in political or social improvements. The answer is for individual people to be brought to Jesus Christ and discipled. This means that individual Christians–each of us–need to be faithfully sharing the gospel, teaching others what God has taught us, and encouraging our friends to do the same.

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