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Yes, another survey. And another giveaway too. In order to enter the giveaway, simply take the survey and leave a comment to let me know you’ve completed it. The winner of the giveaway will receive his or her choice of the books shown above; a hard copy of The City of Ember or In Freedom’s Cause or a kindle copy of Supervillain of the Day. International participants may only receive the supervillain e-book.


104 Replies to “Reading Habits Survey”

  1. I have completed the survey. My number-of-books-read-per-month score was horrendous, but alas, a collage foray tends to be on the extreme side of needy.

  2. Completed. My books-per-month figure is my Goodreads Challenge this year, which I originally set based on my after-Christmas rate but have managed to meet already nonetheless. In the “age groups you read” I checked Young Adult as well as Adult, because there are a few favorite authors whose work is usually sold in the Young Adult section; I didn’t check Middle Grades despite the occasional foray into books for that audience by favorite authors in milieus I know and love.

    And the one fact about my reading habits that your survey provides no way to report is that a large fraction, if not most, of my reading nowadays is fan-fiction; certain Pride and Prejudice fan-fics (and one in the “Protector of the Small” Tortall fandom) have largely replaced The Princess and the Goblin, Understood Betsy, and Dragonsinger as my “comfort” reads that I reread and reread when I’m feeling particularly melancholy.

    1. Thank you. And (sorry for my ignorance, but I don’t read any fan-fiction except for what my friends write and send me), is the fan-fiction you mention published or online stuff?

      1. Online. Some that I’ve read (and downloaded so as to have a local copy) has been subsequently published in print (and I’m planning on giving a friend one such for Christmas this year), but the signal-to-noise ratio even in the (more literate than most) Pride and Prejudice fan-fiction community is such that I’m not willing to pay money (let alone use my very limited shelf space) for something sight-unseen.

    2. Belatedly, I should also mention that my entry included “thrillers” and “suspense” in “the genres I read,” but only because I havve recently, after years’ urging from my parents, started reading Dick Francis; I’m unlikely to read, and even less likely to enjoy, anything else marketed under those genres. (And the sevven novels by Charles Williams are sometimes described as “spiritual thrillers,” but I wasn’t thinking of them for the survey, since to me he defies classification. :))

  3. I completed the survey. One thing about my answers, I do typically purchase books online as well as ebooks because they are cheaper than hard copies. But, I often prefer the hard copy.

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