Do You Have a Love-Hate Relationship With Books?

Bookish Needs

Schoolwork needs to get done, but that book is calling your name. That brand-new release looks amazing, but how can you justify spending $20 on a new book when you have a whole stack of books you haven’t read yet. And let’s not even start on the addiction issue made obvious by our winning quote variation! If you’ve had these problems or others, you probably have a love-hate relationship with books.


While participating in an online summit to learn how to blog better, I realized that I don’t know what your book related struggles and needs are. Oops! What’s the use of posting a book review every week if what you really need is help culling your to-read list? Or maybe you want more inside peeks at books that haven’t been published yet. Whatever it is that you want, I want to know about it!

Right now Leah’s Bookshelf has 296 followers. Those who take the survey will guide the direction the blog goes. The power is yours for the taking! 😉

Take the Survey

I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say about your bookish needs! Leave a comment explaining your love-hate relationship with books to see if others can relate.

Join the Reading Habits Survey “Team”

Green GraphHello everyone! I’ve been so excited about the results for the reading habits survey. So far 76 people have responded. The drawing for the giveaway winner will be held tomorrow, so if you (or anyone you know!) would like to participate in time to enter the giveaway, you still have time to do that.

After asking two friends of mine for their help recruiting survey takers in exchange for access to the survey results, I had an idea. If anyone (homeschooled authors in particular, but anyone with a primarily christian and/or homeschooled reader or friend group) would like access to the detailed results, I’d love to make a trade. If you will recruit more survey takers by sharing the survey on your blogs/Facebook/Twitter/etc, I would be happy to give you access to the data collected. If you are interested, leave a comment or use the Contact Me page to tell me where you plan to share about the survey.) Help me spread the word!

Link to the Blog Post:
Link to the Survey:

Also, I’m hoping to do a follow up survey soon. Do any of you have suggestions for questions or something you’re dying to know about people’s reading/book purchasing habits? I can’t promise I’ll include everything or anything, but I’ll do my best!

Thanks again to everyone who has participated. Even if you don’t care to see the results, please share this survey (and this blog!) with your friends and internet groups. I really appreciate it.

❤ Leah

Princess Story Survey

I thought it might be fun to try doing some surveys about books, starting with one about our monthly theme. Let me know what you think of this new idea/feature. I look forward to seeing the survey results!