Book Review: The Prisoner of Zenda

“Is the king dead?” he whispered.
“Please, God, no,” said I. “But he’s in the hands of Black Michael!”

Rudolf Rassendyll, an Englishman, bears a striking resemblance the king of Ruritania. A chance meeting in the woods leads to Rudolf’s acquaintance with the king. He never expects his face and head of Elphberg red hair to force him to become an impostor, but when the king goes missing, Rudolf is persuaded to impersonate the king until a rescue can be effected. Will they be able to snatch the king away from Black Michael? And what of the love blooming between Rudolf and Princess Flavia?

My first introduction to this story was in video format. I later read the book as part of the required reading for the One Year Adventure Novel writing class. I loved both versions. In some ways the story is a typical adventure tale but it has its own unique flair. A good read for girls and guys alike.

Author: Anthony Hope
Audience: Tween–Adult
Genre: Adventure
Pages: 208
Publisher: Penguin (and many others)

What books do you think The Prisoner of Zenda is similar to? What is your favorite scene from this book?

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