Book Review: Machiavellian

MachiavellianBetween the release of Counted Worthy, working on a new book, and the holiday season, my reading progress has been reduced to a crawl. You’ve probably noticed that the book reviews have been lacking the past few weeks. But, I finally finished something! J. Grace Pennington was kind enough to give me a free copy of her latest release in exchange for an honest review. So here it is.

In this book, Andi’s sympathies from the previous book are dragged into another adventure. When the Surveyor picks up some extra passengers, the get more than they bargained for. The trouble is, the heroes and villains seem as entangled and undecipherable as the motives and goals. As the line between right and wrong seems to blur, Andi struggles to discover the truth before more people get hurt.

This story leaves the humanistic tendencies of science fiction no where to be seen and quite un-missed. The Christian worldviews and morals of the author and her characters weave into the story without ever becoming preachy. This series keeps getting better along with the author’s improving writing prowess. I can’t wait to see what will come next.


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  1. I really have nothing to say about this but I wanted to comment. I read Spencer’s copy of “Counted Worthy” and finished it today. I was afraid that “knowing” the author would keep me from getting into the story-WRONG! Your book made cry, Leah. Not in a bad way. The books that made me cry are some of my favorites. Keep writing!

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