10 Bookish Things I Am Thankful For

Australian1. The Bible. The most powerful book of all.

2. All of the wonderful people who have been reading my book, leaving reviews, and even emailing me to share their thoughts about Counted Worthy. So grateful for all of you!

3. These eyes the Lord blessed us with that we can use to read.

4. The power of fiction. It’s been used to tell some bad stories. I’m not thankful for that. But I am incredibly thankful for fiction’s ability to package truth in such a unique, heart-touching way when handled properly.

5. Writer friends. Creative, crazy, and attached to our fictional people. We have a lot of fun together.

6. Books that have inspired me. Right now I’m thinking especially of Do Hard ThingsSafely Home, and Secret Believers.

7. My Kindle! As much as I love the feel and smell and lesser eye strain of “real” books, the cost efficiency of Kindle books is hard to beat.

8. Book editors. Writers come up with the stories, but editors make them readable. Can you image how much less enjoyable our books would be if an editor hadn’t polished them up?

9. Memories that allow us to remember the stories we read and even retain our favorite phrases to quote at opportune moments.

10. Other readers to share stories with and rehash favorite details after we’ve read them.

What bookish things are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?


4 Replies to “10 Bookish Things I Am Thankful For”

  1. Ah! I love Safely Home!!! It is extremely well-written.
    As for my thankful list, I am thankful for all Christian fiction writers. So many books are being published that are trash. I love finding the “jewels” of Christian books in my library. We need more Christian authors so that readers’ minds and hearts can remain clean.
    I’m also thankful for my Kindle (though I enjoy real books much better).
    I’m thankful for a school curriculum that allows me to read a TON of books!
    I could go on and on, but that would take too much time away from me reading a book! So bye! ; )

  2. Bookish things I’m thankful for: My Bible. I wouldn’t survive without it. Counted Worthy. So inspirational. 🙂 My journal. The library. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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