Happy Birthday, Counted Worthy!


It’s November, and that means it’s Counted Worthy’s birthday! The first year of it’s existence has been a wild ride. 🙂 Wild, but very good. I know a lot of you are hoping for a sibling to come along soon in the form of a sequel. That’s been a consistent bit of feedback on the Bookish Needs survey. The next book is in the works. Hopefully 2016 will be the year!

But, back to the celebration. Of course, when a birthday comes around, it’s time to celebrate. I want you, my dear guests, to enjoy this party. So check out the party favors!

50% Off!

For 36 hours only (starting at 6PM on November 3rd), get 50% a paperback copy of Counted Worthy. You must use this link in order to apply the discount code to your order. Christmas shopping anyone?


I thought about including a link to an awesome cake recipe in the post, but I’m the queen of ruining from-scratch cakes, so I decided to skip that. Those $2 box mixes at the store might not have bragging rights attached, but they sure do taste good!

Anyway. Next up. A present for the birthday book!

Give Counted Worthy a Present

If you haven’t already left an Amazon review for Counted Worthy, a birthday review would be well appreciated! If you’ve already left a review, maybe you know someone else who enjoyed the book. Ask them to take a few minutes to leave one.


What are your favorite Counted Worthy memories. Favorite scenes? Something you learned from reading it? How it impacted you or someone you know?

Thanks for celebrating with me! And more thanks to Counted Worthy’s Aunt Amanda for reminding bad-mommy-me that today was its birthday.


20 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Counted Worthy!”

  1. Happy birthday, my lovely book! I cannot believe that it’s been an entire year. I may end up ordering a paperback to have on hand, because hello, Christmas is coming and I need to do some shopping for bookworms. I also need to update my reviews…

    Congrats, Leah, on such a powerful book! Keep on writing.

    And I love how I went from fan status in this post https://leahegood.com/2014/11/23/radio-interview/ to aunt status here. XD

  2. OH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I LOVE that book!
    I think the one thing that really impressed me about your book was how it wasn’t “creepy”. Stories about persecution usually just spook me out, but your book was just. . . inspiring. I feel like everyone in America should read it!
    P.S. And I liked that there were light-hearted parts (seriously, parts that really made me laugh!), that helped even off the intense aspect–can you say Bryce??? I like books that make you cry, and make you laugh! (And yes, yours did both! 🙂 )

  3. So crazy to think it’s been a year already. I think I’m going to grab one of those paper copies, I have a friend who would certainly like it… 🙂

      1. But…but…they’re not even like “real people” sellers. (I don’t know whether this is a good thing because it means the “real people” didn’t feel the need to sell it, or…what.) So did they just randomly order one to sell?

        Sometimes Amazon just doesn’t make sense.

        1. If you have Amazon Prime, buy a book and get free shipping, and then sell it for the same price, you can make about $1.50 off the shipping. Some companies are big enough to turn a decent profit that way. So I hear.

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