Book Review: The Word Reclaimed

Word Reclaimed, TheCounted Worthy meets Ender’s Game in this epic intergalactic tale tale built on a solidly Christian foundation.

My brother read this book before I did and promptly insisted that it should rise to the top of my to-read list. “It’s just like Counted Worthy,” he said, “but with more sci-fi elements.” He was right. Steve Rzasa’s space odyssey depicts a society where Christians desperately cling to the last fragmented antiques of God’s word. Many of those struggling to remain faithful have only faint memories of the gospel they wish to live by. The military division dedicated to suppressing religion is growing in strength, forcing those who mistrust it to formulate drastic plans. Just in case.

Unlike Counted Worthy, the main characters of The Word Reclaimed are not Christians. They live in a world where Christ followers are rare, God’s word is rarer, and religion–though officially tolerated–is a dangerous stigma. Nevertheless, a chance discovery and treachery that threatens everything they know will bring surprises and revelations to everyone.

If you enjoy meticulously crafted fictional worlds, tactical details, and a strong Christian message, this book will be an immediate favorite.


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