Book Review: The Maze Runner

Maze Runner, TheThomas wakes up in a moving metal box, with no personal memories. When the box comes to a stop, he finds himself surrounded by a group of teenage boys. The story for each of them is the same. They all arrived in the same way and found themselves stripped of personal memories of their pasts. They live in a mysterious glade surrounded by a cryptic, unsolvable maze. A few of the boys have lived there for two years. Life has fallen into routine. But Thomas’ arrival signals changes to the glade, and not all of the boys are happy. The gladers’ way of life is being challenged, their lives threatened, and the need for a solution growing more desperate every day.

I found this book intriguing, but a little dry at times. However, most of the last few books I’ve read lately have bored me a little, so my ability to focus may be impacted by how busy my schedule has been. Anyway. This book was non-stop action. I really liked Thomas as a main character. He had a lot of moral strength and made a great hero. Speaking of moral strengths, the biggest detriment of this book was a large usage of fake cusses. I appreciated the author’s sensitivity in not using actual bad words, but I could have done without the fake ones too. Other than that, I really didn’t have any complaints.


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