Book Review: The Dragon of London

Dragon of London

“He offered to help me,” Floyd said. “And I am so desperate for help that I actually considered his offer.”

Jeffrey Floyd, defender of the earth, is back and faces more challenges than ever. The brash, smart-alec face he shows the world is only a thin veil over his inner turmoil. Afraid to love and unwilling to confide in the few friends he has, he fights his demons alone–all while continuing to battle the supervillain outbreak. A new string of mysterious but linked robberies seem to point to a new threat. When the dragon of London offers to help Floyd and give him relief, Floyd knows better than to trust him. But at the same time, he hesitates to kill the one creature who seems to understand.

This story was an interesting addition to Katie Lynn Daniels’ series. The light hearted, slightly inane Floyd has disappeared, and so have the comic bookish villains. In this book, the dragon is a creepy reminder that evil can portray itself as a beacon of light. But actions speak louder than words, and the dragon’s actions show his true nature. Floyd too has a lot to learn about trust, friendship, good and evil, and life in general. I’m curious to see how his struggles and triumphs will continue to develop.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series, you can check out my review of Supervillain of the Day, book one of the series.


4 Replies to “Book Review: The Dragon of London”

  1. I got the omnibus edition of the first season on kindle and loved it. But the prices are going up on season 2 and I don’t really want to pay 4 and 5 dollars for a short ebook. 😦 But I really want them. I need more Floyd. Such are the problems of a cheapskate.

      1. Same here. I think I’ve still got enough gift card to cover both the season two stories, but the decision to use that much of it on two short ebooks is still hard, especially since I got the omnibus for only slightly more than that. And then I probably won’t have enough to cover the next one, and certainly not any more after that. Still, when I got to the end of what I had, I really, really missed Floyd.

        1. Well, uh *clears throat*. May I share a secret with you before you despair?

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