Book Review: Growing Up Duggar

Growing up DuggarDespite the varying opinions on the Duggars, even among my own friends and acquaintances, their family has been a reliable source of entertainment and encouragement to me. When I got Growing Up Duggar for Christmas, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew from other reviews that it wasn’t an autobiographical account of growing up in the reality TV “mega-family.” It turns out, the book is a lot more practical. I was impressed, encouraged, and challenged by the perspectives and suggestions the oldest four Duggar girls shared for the various relationships in a Christian girl’s life. They covered relationship with ourselves, our parents, our siblings, guys, the culture, our country, and the world. Their advice is grounded in Scripture, backed up personal experience, and presented in a clear manner.

That said, other reviewers mentioned buying it for tween/young teen girls and assuming it would be perfectly safe for younger readers because “the Duggars wrote it.” These buyers were surprised to find the girls spoke about some more mature topics like late-term abortion and the dangers of the internet. The book is aimed towards an older teen audience anyway, and I found the subjects to be handled tastefully, but if a younger person wants to read it, I’d suggest having a parent skim through it first.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone curious about the Duggar family or/or anyone who is looking for encouragement and is willing to be challenged. This book is written to girls, but other readers (especially parents) could enjoy and benefit from Growing Up Duggar as well. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


6 Replies to “Book Review: Growing Up Duggar”

  1. I really want to read this. I really enjoy the Duggars’ show, and I’m sad they took it off Netflix. I’ve actually met some of the Duggars, the ones who were on the FRC Faith, Family, Freedom bus tour shortly before the last election, and they are the same people in real life as they are on TV. They’re just normal people…normal for homeschoolers, that is.

  2. This sounds really good! I haven’t seen their show but I’ve heard of it a lot. 🙂 Id love to read it once I get my hands on it.

  3. I read this book and liked it. My dad got it for us shortly after it came out. Since then (though at the time I wouldn’t have thought so) I’ve had the opportunity to go on a missions trip on which several of the Duggars (including Jinger and Jill) were on and getting to know them a little, I can really appreciate how REAL they are. And also, how there are some things that are different about them in real life rather than on the show, and also, how some things are exactly the same, such as Mrs. Duggar. She is SO sweet! I’d give “Growing up Duggar” and the actual Duggars very high marks!

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