Book Review: The Runaway King

Runaway King, TheBack in January, I reviewed The False Prince, book one of the Ascendancy Trilogy. All three of the books are now on the market, and I enjoyed all of them. As I mentioned in my last review, if you enjoy The Ranger’s Apprentice series, you’ll certainly enjoy The Ascendancy Trilogy as well.

After reading other reviews, I expecting The Runaway King to be good, but not quite as good as The False Prince. In some ways that expectation was true, but in many ways it was not. The beginning of the book was good, but felt a bit too similar to the last one. After it got going, though, I forgot my concerns.

In fact, in some ways, I liked this book better than the last. Jaron is forced to make several emotionally difficult decisions and, in my opinion, he chooses well. He has more responsibility, or at least more obvious responsibility, in this book. In The False Prince, he really only had to worry about his own safety. In The Runaway King, he fights for the safety of his country, of a little girl attacked by thieves, and of his friends. He’s still not an impeccable role model, but there were some good morals in the story and I’m confident Jaron will be a good king.

If your an older reader looking for edge of your seat, heart in your throat reading, you might find yourself disappointed by this book. However, if you’re looking for a good, honest adventure tale, The Runaway King will deliver exactly what you’re looking for.


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