Book Review and Giveaway: The Cooper Kids Adventure Series

This is our third week of celebrating 200 followers on Leah’s Bookshelf. Last week I reviewed Radialloy, by J. Grace Pennington and gave away a two week kindle loan of the book. Before I launch into this week’s fun, I’d like to announce last week’s winner. (Cue drumroll.)


Congratulations, OnionTea! I hope you enjoy the book. I’ll be sending you an email asking for the email address associated with your kindle. After I have that I can send you the loan invitation. You’ll have to accept the invitation within 7 days. After you accept it, you’ll have 14 days to read Radialloy.

Cooper Kids_5This week I’m giving away not one but four books! The winner of this week’s giveaway will receive the first four paperbacks in The Cooper Kids Adventure Series. These books are great fun. The back covers of the books say they’re for 10-14 year old readers, and I think that pegs it perfectly. They’re interesting enough to be really fun quick reads for older teens as well.


Gozan, this is no task for children! It will take an army, not just for men and two … children!” Al-Dallam only shook his perplexed head. “They will all be killed the first day. The Dragon’s Throat has no mercy!” —The Door in the Dragon’s Throat

“At any rate, we still encounter these forces from time to time, and one such manifestation is a terrible madness, an inescapable curse that sometimes besets people here. The native word is Moro-Kunda; it means the Madness Before Death. It has no known cause, no known cure, and is always fatal. The curse fell upon Tommy. He went mad, and though we tried to stop him, he fabricated that crude raft and fled from the island.” The man paused dramatically and then added,” But he couldn’t escape Moro-Kunda.” —Escape from the Island of Aquarius

Doctor Cooper shook his head with disgust. “Jay, it’s a perfect example of man’s sinful nature without God. That’s why the Lord commanded Joshua to drive out all the ungodly inhabitants of the land. He didn’t want his people coming into contact with this kind of moral and spiritual pollution.” —The Tombs of Anak

Lila floated in the pd for a while, weeping, resting her head against the cold metal wall. How long would her oxygen bottle last? Did anyone even know where she was? —Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea


Adventure, archaeological mysteries, and spiritual warfare intermingle in these edge-of-your-seat stories. These books are great for kids who like the weird and unusual, and they’re equally interesting for readers who enjoy non-stop action. I enjoy them as one-sitting reads that pull me into the story and don’t let me go until I turn the last page.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment explaining how you first found Leah’s Bookshelf. Due to the cost of shipping, the books can only be mailed to addresses in the continental United States. The giveaway will remain open for entries through August 7th.


  1. Don’t forget that a new prize is available in the Story Shop. You can also find a new list of ways to earn Story Shop points. Check it out!
  2. In preparation for the release of Counted Worthy, I just started a professional Facebook page. Liking the page would be a very nice thing to do, and it will also earn you a point to spend in the Story Shop if you submit your Facebook name using the contact form. Be sure to let me know that you’re looking for Story Shop points in exchange for liking me on Facebook. The same goes for my Twitter account.
  3. Wild Thing, book one in the Winnie the Horse Gentler series, is currently free for kindle on Amazon. I don’t know if the deal is for today only or for the week.

17 Replies to “Book Review and Giveaway: The Cooper Kids Adventure Series”

  1. I think I found about Leah’s Bookshelf through TIO, which I found out about through the Rebelution website. 🙂
    The first Cooper Kids book I read was, “Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea,” and it was lent to me by a good friend. 🙂

  2. I just loved these books when I was younger. My two favorites were ones you’re not including, “the Legend of Annie Murphy” and “The Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey”. Super awesome.

    1. “the Legend of Annie Murphy” is one of my favorites as well. I may be giving the next four books away next week. We’ll see. Do you own these four already or are you entering the giveaway?

  3. I found out about this website from one of my friends on Tumblr. She likes to read through a lot of blogs about books and then share her favourites with other people.

  4. I first found Leah’s bookshelf when you comment on Grace Mally’s blog, Leah ( I visited your site and coincenditally you had just posted a “Guess a Quote” for “Carry on Mr. Bowditch” which is one of the very best books ever written. I commented then because I knew the book and have stuck around ever since!

  5. I first found this blog just a few minutes ago, after reading your post on OYAN. 😉

  6. Spencer pointed me to your blog, Leah, as I think you already know! I have never read “The Cooper Kids Adventure Series” but it sounds interesting. I’m in the age-range, but I just read a book-series for kids a little younger than me and found them interesting, so I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to age-recommendations!
    Thanks for doing giveaways! I think that’s neat!

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