Book Review: Wild Thing (Winnie the Horse Gentler)

My mom used to say, “Winnie Willis, in the beginning God created heaven and earth and horses. And sometimes I have to wonder if the good Lord shouldn’t have quit while He was ahead.”

After their mother’s death Winnie and her sister have come to expect several moves a year. Lizzie hates it. Winnie doesn’t much care. Doesn’t care until she meets a beautiful but mostly wild horse called Wild Thing.

“Lizzie,” I said, calling up my mind’s picture of the rearing Arabian, “I have to have that horse. And I’ll do whatever it takes to get her.”

Can Wild Thing help patch up Winnie’s heart and her relationship with her father, or will the horse make Winnie’s heart break again?

Audience: Anyone old enough to read it on their own (good horse story and no boyfriends)


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