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Thank You!!! (1)

Hello bloggers of the Indie Christian Books’ Black Friday event! We are so excited and grateful to have you joining us. As a thank you gift, we’d like to offer you 5 of the following ebooks free of charge. You pick! How cool is that?

Haven’t signed up to blog our event? It only takes a minute.
Sign-up Now then take a look at the pre-made post options we designed for you.

Can you make up your mind? I know it’s hard. When you think you have five selected, go ahead and submit your requests here.

You will receive your books sometime in December if you confirm your Black Friday posting. Your blog (or Facebook, Twitter, etc if you don’t have a blog) post must be made on Black Friday (preferably in the morning) in order for you to qualify for the free books.

Thanks so much!

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