Book Review: The Light in the Forest

Light in the Forest, The
Kidnapped as a child and adopted into an Indian family, True Son thinks of himself as an Indian. He knows with certainty that he no longer has a place in the white men’s world. But when his tribe signs a treaty with the white men, True Son has no option but to return to the white family he feels no connection to. He becomes John Butler again and struggles to relearn the strange language and practices of his family. But perhaps there is no place of belonging for a white Indian.

It has been years since I read this book, but I vividly remember my frustration with the ending of the book. In fact, it remains in my top five least favorite endings. Perhaps now that I’m older I might be able to appreciate it more if I re-read it. I also remember being captivated by the rest of the story. I felt bad for John and wanted to see him adjust and fit into his family. The ending just left me stunned. Perhaps the fact that I still remember it after all this time means the author accomplished his purpose with the story. I don’t know. If you want to find out for yourself, you’ll just have to read it.

Author: Conrad Richter
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 192


3 Replies to “Book Review: The Light in the Forest”

    1. I’m finding it amusing that a not-so-positive review is generating more curiosity than the glowing reviews. To tell the truth, I’m considering re-reading it myself to refresh my memory.

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