Book Review: Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends

Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends

Some brothers and sisters remain best friends all their lives. Others just see each other occasionally at family reunions and maybe send a Christmas card. Which do you want?

Brothers and sisters get on each others nerves and can be just plain annoying. It seems an inevitable part of having siblings. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way. What if brothers and sisters could not just get along but be best friends. This book casts a vision for making brothers and sisters best friends and provides practical and Biblical guidelines for doing just that.

My family often receives comments on how well my brother and I get along. Since we are in our mid and late teen years, we find that amusing. At this age we should be able to get along. The sad things is, kids aren’t expected to get along anymore. My brother and I have been best friends for as long as I can remember (sure, we’ve had our spats, but they never lasted long), but this book made me more purposeful about trying to strengthen our friendship. Since strangers often notice how well we like each other, it seems like it has worked. The principles in this book can be applied to a lot of things besides sibling relationships too. There’s also plenty of humor to keep you going. Everyone I’ve met who has read this book mentions how much they like “Stephen’s Definitions.” I’ll leave you with a few examples.
Key Ring: A device that enables you to lose several keys at the same time.
Clear Conscience: Often the sign of a bad memory.
Campers: Natures way of feeding mosquitoes.”
I can attest to that last one!

Authors: Sarah, Stephen and Grace Mally
Audience: Everyone
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction/Self-Help
Pages: 273
Publisher: Tomorrow’s Forefathers

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