Book Review: Supervillain of the Day

Supervillain of the DayEarth is experiencing an outbreak of superviallains, and no superheroes exist to stop them. Only London is mysteriously free of these superhuman monsters, and reporter Jeffrey Floyd intends to find out why. He forms a shaky partnership with Adams, a Scotland Yard police sergeant, and the two combine their skills to hunt for supervillains. What sinister plots are being hatched in the seeming calm? And what is Floyd hiding?

I downloaded this book during a free promotional on Amazon because I wanted to support the writer, who is a homeschooled author. After reading some good reviews I figured I had nothing to lose even though it’s not the type of story I normally enjoy. To my surprise, I did enjoy reading it. In my opinion, Floyd’s character made the story worth reading. He’s dorky and nerdy, yet persistent and heroic at the same time. A quick read, it was perfect for a night when I was tired and ready to relax. It was also good enough that I have paid for the three sequels and I’ll be buying book five when it comes out.

Author: Katie Lynn Daniels
Audience: Tweens to Young Adults
Genre: Science Fiction


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