Book Review: The Sufficiency of Scripture

Sufficiency of Scripture, The

Many Christians acknowledge that the Scriptures are inerrant–that is, that God’s Word is infallible–but few truly demonstrate recognition of the sufficiency of God’s Word in every area of their lives.

It’s no secret that the church is struggling and so are the families in it. We struggle with apathy and division. Programs and plans designed to excite teenagers about the church or create better leaders hit the market all the time, but all too often, the best and most effective answer book is left behind. The Sufficiency of Scripture is based on the “fundamental doctrine” that God’s Word is sufficient to guide and instruct our personal lives, our homes and our church. And guess what? It is! Joseph Stevens takes a detailed look at each of these aspects and uses the Scripture to outline what our lives, homes and churches should look like.

This book was given to me by a visiting speaker at our midweek Bible study. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but something made him reach into his backpack and challenge me to read this book. Dad asked to read it first and liked it so much we ended up reading it as a family during family devotions. After reading it as a family, it got tucked back onto the bookshelf for a while. Recently, I have found that it is a great go-to book when questions come up about how a church should be structured or what a Godly family looks like. I highly recommend this book.

Author: Joseph Stephen
Audience: Adults (Written for adults, but also appropriate for younger audiences)
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
Pages: 185
Publisher: Pleasant Word

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