Book Review: Before You Meet Prince Charming

Before You Meet Prince CharmingPure and Bright in a World of Darkness.

As you are beginning this book, commit yourself to wanting God’s best in your life–God’s best in your future marriage. Maybe this seems obvious to you. Maybe you’re thinking, “Of course I desire the best in my marriage.” But when it comes right down to it, are you truly willing to make the required sacrifices and to wait for the best?

Many, if not most, girls dream of romance; of meeting their prince charming, being wooed and won, and walking down the aisle. All too often, however, those dreams occupy a disproportionate  amount of a young woman’s thought life and distract her from enjoying God’s plan for her before marriage. Before You Meet Prince Charming offers practical and scriptural advice for serving God as a single young woman and preparing for marriage without living in a fantasy world concocted in our dreams.

When I realized that my non-fiction theme would overlap with Valentines Day, I knew I wanted to celebrate with this book. Before You Meet Prince Charming holds a firm place on my favorites list. It is my go-to book (after the Bible!) for encouragement and wisdom in the areas of serving God and delighting in Him during my single years and honoring my future husband now, before I even know him. I also appreciate Sarah’s discretion in avoiding topics that would not be beneficial for young readers. For both tween girls who are just maturing into this season of life and older teens like me, this book is one to treasure and re-read many times over.

Author: Sarah Mally
Audience: Tween to Young Adult
Genre: Inspiration Non-Fiction/Christian Purity
Pages: 259
Publisher: Tomorrow’s Forefathers


6 Replies to “Book Review: Before You Meet Prince Charming”

      1. Leah, you actually met Sarah in person?! wow….”Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s experiences”! πŸ˜‰ Where were you? A homeschooling conference or something? Is she married yet? I’ve always wanted to meet her sister, Grace; was she there? Alright, sorry – I’ll put a harness on my wild curiosity and make a comment more pertenant to the post πŸ˜›

        Fantastic book btw, so many good little nuggets to take with you. Sarah’s writing is acurate, inspirational and practical, which can be a challeging combo to find in Christian living type books. (Oh, “Making brothers and sisters best friends” is another good one. I didn’t need that one as much, (I would definitely consider my sister to be one of my best friends) but did benefit from it all the same – loved Stephen’s “definitions” at the beginning of every chapter πŸ™‚ )

  1. Maiden, yes, I actually met Sarah. And Grace. And, yes, it was at a homeschool conference. Several of your cousins met them at well. No, Sarah is not married yet. I actually found out that they go to the same kind of church as we do, which ended up being a great point of commonality. I spent a lot of time talking to Grace in between lectures. They’re both great people!

    I love Making Brother’s and Sisters Best Friend. I’ve always considered my brother my best friend, but the concepts in that book can be applied in a lot of different areas. And, yeah, you have to love Stephen’s definitions.

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