Book Review: Gunner’s Run

“Pilot to gunners. Keep your eyes open. We’re almost to target. By now every German fighter in the area knows where to find us.”

I pressed the intercom button to respond to Lt. Conover. “Bring ’em on. We’re ready.”

Nineteen year old Jim Yoder has his life under control until he ends up a fugitive in Hitler’s third Reich. As he journeys across Europe Jim encounters other fugitives, traitors and resistance fighters. Will he make it home to tell his father and the girl he loves that he trusts God?

I have read this book three times. Once on my own, and twice out loud. I started reading it to my dad while we were on vacation, but we didn’t finish till we got home. Then I had to start it again because my mom and brother wanted to know what happened before the part they heard! Everyone enjoyed it, and I highly recommend Gunner’s Run.

Audience: 10 and up

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Book Review: Vinegar Boy

The memory of his promise turned bitter on his tongue. He had told the man he would be back; he had left the vinegar as a pledge. Jesus would need the vinegar.

Born with a birthmark dominating one side of his face, Vinegar Boy has grown up nameless and despised by Jews and Romans alike. His task is to bring drugged vinegar to men crucified at Golgotha. Only kind old Nicolaus cares for him, but Vinegar Boy will not become his son while he is still marred. When he hears that a man named Jesus is working miracles, he is filled with hope. That hope fades when he meets Jesus at Calvary. There may still be time for a miracle, but the boy cannot bring himself to ask a favor of a man in so much pain. Can he bring comfort to those mourning the loss of the man they love?

I read this two weeks ago while I was sick and couldn’t put it down. Vinegar Boy’s compassion in the face of his own dissapointment makes him a character well worth loving. You will route for him from the first page till the last and put the book down with a smile.

Audience: 10 and up

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