Series Review: If I Run

When Casey Cox finds her best friend stabbed to death, she doesn’t try to defend her innocence. She runs. Her decision creates an explosion of media interest, questions, and confusion. It looks like she is fleeing justice. Will anyone realize she’s fighting to stay one step ahead of injustice?

If I Run

This series was a roller coaster of mystery, thriller, and delicate love story. Casey’s life is a push-and-pull of fear and open-hearted giving. Finding her father’s body as a twelve-year-old traumatized Casey in ways she tries not to let others see. She fights to be a person of integrity.

Dylan is a veteran struggling to reestablish his life after being honorably discharged because of PTSD. When he is hired to find Casey and bring her in for the murder of his closest friend, it doesn’t take him long question the validity of the accusations against her. When he establishes a line of communication with her, he encourages her to look for God.

As time passes, it becomes harder for Casey to stay alive. Dylan changes his mission from finding Casey to protecting her. The more they work together to prove Casey’s innocence and bring justice to the right people, the more their hearts are drawn together.

I really enjoyed this series. It only took about a week to listen to the audio versions of all three books. The romance subplot was squeaky clean, never progressing beyond a few kisses. In fact, Dylan explains his intention of purity to Casey. The only slight issue was how hard Dylan fell for Casey before her profession of faith.

My one warning about the series is a few graphic depictions of murder. One scene may have even pushed the upper limit of PG-13. The scene is in book three, but if you’re concerned it will make you uncomfortable, I’d recommend leaving books one and two alone. By the time you finish book two, you’ll want to finish!

Overall this was a fun series with a lot of action and a Christian worldview that was neither shallow nor forced.


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