Book Review: My Soul To Keep


I learned to be happy with the small triumph of a good day. –pg 44

My brother took one look at the front cover of this book and decided it must fit into the sappy category of novels. While it did remind me of Kingsbury’s Firstborn Series in a lot of ways, it wasn’t the sappy sort of love story you’d expect from a novel about a down-and-out movie star cautiously re-entering the world of film. Bunn chose to focus on the nuts and bolts of movie making, the cutthroat world of Hollywood, and the personal journey of people learning to trust God with the scars from their pasts.

Brent Stark once lived the dream. Fame and fortune earned him an Oscar and a life-changing stint behind bars. In the years after leaving prison and Hollywood behind, Brent has found a degree of peace in a quiet life. He runs his own lawn care business, takes roles at local theaters, focuses on his relationship with God, and faithfully attends AA meetings. He’s not asking the world or God for more than he has. But his past comes knocking when a group of Christian business giants and prayer partners asks for his help breaking into the world of entertainment.

Some books leaving me glowing with the power of the story and characters. This book didn’t reach that height for me, but it was a strong story with good bones and a solid message.

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