New and Upcoming Books I’m Excited For

We all have favorite authors we follow closely, anticipating their new book releases. It’s especially exciting when a new book in a series releases, and you can finally get resolution to the cliff hanger at the end of the previous book–or, if there was no cliff hanger, spend more time with your favorite characters. I thought it would be fun to share four of the books I’m looking forward to this fall.


reversal-zoneReversal ZoneΒ (Firmament #4)
J. Grace Pennington
Released Oct 7, 2016
Young Adult, Sci-Fi

We’ve been following the Firmament Series here on Leah’s Bookshelf for quite a while. Back in July 2014 I reviewed Firmament: Radialloy, the first book in the series. The books keep improving as they go which is super exciting to see. I think this series makes a fantastic gift, especially for Christian teens who will appreciate a clean adventure.


another-day-another-daliAnother Day, Another Dali (Serena Jones Mysteries #2)
Sandra Orchard
Releases Oct 18, 2016
Adult, Mystery

It hasn’t been too long since my review of A Fool and His Monet. This series caught my attention because one of my best friends enjoys art, and I thought she’d enjoy a mystery about an art crime detective. After enjoying the quirky personality of the main character in book one, I think I’ll keep reading.



Deliver (The Blades of Acktar #4)
Tricia Mingerink
Releases Fall 2016?
New Adult Fantasy

When I turned the last digital page of my kindle copy of Defy, it startled me to see an announcement to watch for book four. Another chance to spend time with Leif, Renna, and Brandi? Yes, please! I’m pretty sure it said the expected release time was Fall 2016, but my Kindle is being weird about loading the book file so I can’t double check. If you’re going to give one new series a try this fall, make it this one. These books took my breath away. I really hope book four comes soon!

exiles-coming-soonExiles (Ilyon Chronicles #4)
Jaye L. Knight
Release ?
New Adult, Fantasy

As an author, I understand how long and hard the process of producing a book can be. As a reader, I just want the next book now! I know a lot of you are with me, especially when it comes to the Ilyon Chronicles. Jaye says we’re going to get to know Prince Daniel a lot better inΒ Exiles. I can’t wait!



What new and upcoming releases are you excited about?!


14 Replies to “New and Upcoming Books I’m Excited For”

  1. Thanks for the post! Radialloy is actually currently free as a Kindle book on Amazon. πŸ™‚ I also am looking forward to getting to know Prince Daniel more. I confess I verbally scolded Kyrin when she didn’t speak to him in the library. πŸ˜€

    1. I saw that. πŸ™‚ Thanks for pointing it out for other readers.

      I know, right? Getting to know Daniel better was top on our wish list for Exiles for both me and my brother.

  2. *randomly appears on blog* I have read J Grace Pennington’s other books and I like them, but that’s the only series I haven’t read of hers yet.
    Eeeep! Jaye L. Knight!!!! Her books are amazing! I still have to read Samara’s Peril, but I’m so excited for these books!!! AND YES!!! WHEN KYRIN DIDN’T TALK TO DANIEL I WAS LIKE, NOOOOOO!!!! XD

    1. If you love Jaye’s books, you should definitely try Tricia Mingerink’s while you wait for Exiles. They haven’t gained as much popularity, but they definitely deserve to. (Leif has some striking similarities to Jace. πŸ˜‰ ) And she and Jaye are friends!

        1. Oh wow! Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

          On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 1:06 PM, Leah’s Bookshelf wrote:

          > Leah E. Good commented: “Check your email. ;)” >

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