Hello & Book Review: The Maze

Maze, TheHello everyone! At long last, I’m back–literally as well as virtually. After a four month internship in Texas, I’m home in Connecticut and enjoying the start of the marvelous New England fall. Being home should mean a bit more freedom to put time into blogging, and I can’t wait to reconnect with you all.

On the way home from Texas, my family and I hit some National Parks. I picked up The Maze, by Will Hobbs in a Grand Canyon National Park Visitor Center.

Rick’s life is in shambles. Frightened and with no one to turn to, he resorts to the only solution he can land on. Running away. Desperation leads Rick to one snap decision after another until he comes face to face with the owner of a vehicle he “sort of” stole and gets a terse but unexpectedly lenient reaction. With no where else to go, Rick stays with Lon, who turns out to be a scientist working to reintroduce Condors to Canyonlands National Park.

With Canyonlands on our itinerary to visit later on in our trip, reading The Maze was especially fun. I was also pleased to find that I had discovered a book about a foster kid without even trying to. My only bone to pick with the book was a few paragraphs about the “pre-historic” past of the Condors. Other than my difference of opinion with the author concerning the age of the earth (and therefore how long Condors have been around for), The Maze is a fantastic middle age novel. Totally clean and lots of action. It was the perfect entertainment for our long car rides across Arizona and Utah!

While we didn’t visit The Maze area of Canyonlands (which is only accessible with an off-road vehicle), here’s some pictures we took in Canyonlands.




If you have any questions about CollegePlus, I’ve been answering them for the last four months and still love doing it, so ask away! 😉 I’d also love to know what fun and exciting (or run-of-the-mill) things you all have been up to this summer.


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