Book Review: The Door in the Dragon’s Throat

Door in the Dragon's ThroatJoin Jay and Lyla, twins with an archaeologist father who brings them with him on all his adventures. In The Door in the Dragon’s Throat, book one of the Cooper Kid Adventures, the Coopers land in Napur, a country with an ancient legend. Natives give a cavern in the desert a wide berth. According to ancient legend, anyone who tries to open the door in “The Dragon’s Throat” will die. The Coopers are curious, and they know their God is stronger than anything in the cavern. What truth lies behind the legend?

I have a soft spot for middle grade books that remain interesting as I get older. The Cooper Kid Adventures hold a secure position in that soft spot. They no longer infuse me with the same heart palpitating suspense as they did when I first read them, but they still offer exciting adventures that doesn’t take to long to read. Because they are written for a younger audience, the spiritual warfare aspect in The Door in the Dragon’s Throat is not as central or intense as it is in Peretti’s adult books.


5 Replies to “Book Review: The Door in the Dragon’s Throat”

    1. We didn’t get to read the Tombs of Anak when we were little because a friend’s mom thought it was too scary. And it was creepy, but no worse than the others. I found Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea to be the most tense. The Legend of Annie Cooper was one of my favorites. And I bawled through Flying Blind for some reason. πŸ˜›

      1. The Tombs of Anak was kind of creepy and scary, but I didn’t even discover Cooper Kids until my mid teens, so it wasn’t really a problem. I think I like those two best because there’s a lot of underground stuff, and for some reason I like that. I still haven’t read the last three books of the series, even though I own them.

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