Book Review: Raising Dragons

Raising DragonsSummary
Arthurian legend meets contemporary fantasy and ties together with an allegorical twist. Billy, the main character, doesn’t know what to do. His struggle with bad breath is getting out of control. It doesn’t just stink, his breath is hot enough to set off the fire detector and sprinkler system in the school bathroom. Billy’s about to learn a secret about his past, make a new friend, and discover an old enemy.

The fact is, Billy is half-dragon. His father is a dragon from the day’s of King Arthur, and took human form to escape renegade dragon hunters that killed good dragons along with the bad. Billy’s new friend, Bonny, is also half dragon. Instead of scalding breath, she has wings she hides in a backpack. Their school principle, a descendant of the dragon hunters, is hunting for them. Billy finds himself struggling to learn to trust God as he tries to stay a step in front of the dragon hunter and come to terms with his father’s identity.

The writing in this story (and subsequent books) is amazing. Bryan Davis keeps the story moving at rip-roaring speed and you never want to put it down. At the end of book one, you can’t get to book two fast enough. That said, books that combine ‘other worldliness’ (i.e. Dragon’s that can turn into humans) with real world (God and salvation) always make me a little uncomfortable. I feel more doctrinally safe in worlds like Narnia that are separate from ours and allow our world’s rules to stay the same while allowing the allegorical stuff to work beautifully in the other world. Maybe that’s just me. In any case, that overlapping of worlds is the only concern I have with these books. On the other hand, dragons, half-dragons, and dragon hunters running around in modern day US and England is kinda fun! 🙂 Also, if you read it, try thinking of the sword Excalibur as a picture of the Bible. I totally missed that parallel my first time through the series and it gives the books a whole new depth.

P.S. Scary content might make this book/series unsuitable for kids under 13.

What do you think of combining real life faith with fantasy elements like dragons?


6 Replies to “Book Review: Raising Dragons”

  1. A Bryan Davis review!! I reviewed that series on my blog once…
    I have read all 10 books in that series, and my thoughts are very nearly much the same as yours. He has a very thought provoking way of writing that inspires me as a writer.

      1. There are three total series, the third is not complete yet. 🙂 The third book in the third series is coming out the first of March, I believe. The eight book is my favorite. 🙂 If you haven’t read it, do. It is so happy and sad. Who is your favorite character? Mine is Walter. 😉
        He does. I want to read more of his work. 🙂

        1. There are Dragons in our Midst, Oracles of Fire and Children of the Bard. Once the last series is finished, there will be twelve books total. 🙂
          I respect Bonnie a lot as well, she is a big inspiration. Billy is pretty awesome. 🙂

  2. Ahhh, yes. Flashbacks to my childhood. XP I own the first two series and I remember loving them when I was younger. Now, I don’t really enjoy them as much because I have some issues with the theology and the writing in general, but I loved the concept. I think I might reread the first and second ones, since those are my favorites. :3

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