Book Review: Successful Adoption

Successful Adoption

Almost everyone I spoke with had one of two replies: “I have thought about adopting, but I wouldn’t know where to start,” or “We would love to do that, but we’d never be able to afford it.” Those statements kept haunting me…I couldn’t help thinking about all the children who might never have a loving home and family just because the adoption process seemed too difficult and too costly.

Successful Adoption: A Guide for Christian Families is one of the best books out there for getting a foundation understanding of adoption. It covers private domestic adoption, foster adoption, and international adoption. It also talks about adopting older children versus younger children, transracial adoption, special-needs, changing family dynamics, how to handle the waiting periods, and how to handle post-adoption “stuff”. A whole chapter is devoted to the cost of adoption, where the money goes, and how to raise the funds.

One of my personal favorite parts of the book is the extensive appendix. Many of the links of the resource page on Teens Interceding for Orphans were located using Successful Adoption appendix.

Some people might wonder why I read and enjoyed this book. I’m not even nineteen yet. Much too young to adopt. (They’d find it even more confusing to know I purchased and read this book several years ago.) However, no one is too young to get educated. Having that knowledge could enable you to help someone who is adopting.


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