Book Review: Snow Treasure

Snow Treasure

“Look!” Michael could not take his eyes off the beach. “Soldiers marching right up our sled track. How’ll we get down?”

In the winter of 1940, Peter Lundstrom and the other members of his Norwegian village watch helplessly as German soldiers invade their homeland. While there is little they can do about the Nazi’s presence, they determine not to surrender everything quite so easily. Instead of waiting for the invaders to steal their large store of gold, they come up with a dangerous plan to sneak it out of the country. A plan that depends on the courage of young Peter and his friends. The school children of the village begin transporting the gold bullion right past the Germans and hiding it for the adults to move onto Uncle Victor’s boat. Can the children succeed in outwitting the Germans and saving the gold?

This story is one of the first books I distinctly remember listening to during one of our road trips. Since that time we’ve listened to it again, and I’ve read the book once or twice on my own. Snow Treasure is believed to be based on a true story, though the tale has never been proven. Whether true or not, the courage and adventures of Peter Lundstrom and his friends are well worth reading. A wonderful living book to add to your library.

Author: Marie McSwigan
Audience: Middle Grade–Tween
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 156


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