Book Review: In Search of Honor

In Search of HonorToday’s post comes to us from guest poster Mary Willson (member of the One Year Adventure Novel forum, for you OYANers out there). I wasn’t sure I was going to have time to read enough French Revolution novels for the month and Mary graciously helped me out of that pickle by writing this review. Hope you enjoy!

This is the story of young Jacques Chenier, the son of a skilled sculptor in France, a country on the very brink of revolution. When his father is murdered, Jacques’ life is torn apart. His desire for revenge plunges him into deep trouble, and he is caught up in the anarchy and terror of the French Revolution. What follows is a gripping tale of hate and its consequences, as Jacques learns the true meaning of honor.

While I did not find the characters in this novel particularly likeable, I fully understood and sympathized with what they did. I certainly wanted to know what happened to them, and practically read the whole book in one sitting. I especially enjoyed the historical details about the place and time, and Jacques’ job as a sculptor was quite interesting. This novel has a very definite Christian influence, which I also enjoyed.

Author: Donna Lynn Hess
Audience: ages 12 and up
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 168 pages
Publisher: JourneyForth

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