Starting The New Year

book spinesHello everyone! I just want to update you on the schedule for this month. Last month I focused my book reviews on Christmas stories. This month I’m going to be reviewing books written by homeschooled authors. Four young ladies will be joining me here to talk about their books. Even better, two of them have agreed to offer a free copy of their book for a giveaway. Here’s the list.

Week One: Molly Evangeline, author of The Pirate Daughter’s Promise
(with book giveaway)
Week Two: J. Grace Pennington, author of Never
Week Three: Hannah Mills, author of Called and Plague of Darkness
(I haven’t decided which one to review)
Week Four: Aubrey Hansen, author of Peter’s Angel
(with book giveaway)

I am really excited about this lineup. I hope you’ll join me in enjoying these girl’s books. We’ll kick off with a review giveaway of The Pirate Daughter’s Promise tomorrow.


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